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A dutchery a day…

The easiest way for you to dig deeper into Holland, is by following our ‘365 dutchery project’ on social media. The daily dutcheries serve as a constant source of information of what to see, hear, taste, experience and learn in and about Holland.



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Your benefits:
  • Short & sweet daily dutcheries
  • Get the Dutch in a year
  • Valuable source of information
  • Add a new dimension to your stay in Holland!



Events & trainings

Monique and Tove, self-proclaimed Experts in Dutcheries, are experienced public speakers and can add a new dimension to your event or even provide training on all things Dutch, with the possibility of focussing on special themes or target groups. We select dutcheries we think you will find interesting, go into appropriate depths (or not!) and add energy and positivity.

Get in touch and we’ll let you know our suggestions for your event!

Your benefits:
  • Approach adjusted to the target group (from children to business people)
  • From private events to official gatherings
  • Interesting dutcheries for everyone
  • Positive energy

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Social Media

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Our dutcheries would not be as fluently written if it wasn’t for Sarah Cleary. Thank you Sarah, for your time, involvement and patience!